Top 5 Horror Movies In Hollywood To Watch

Horror movies are all time favorites and never lose their appeal. They are the coolest genre and you can enjoy them with your family, friends and sweetie anytime. No Signup & Download required websites for watching a horror movie alone, in a closed room with the lights off. Apart from that, Hollywood directors add creepy things to make the movies more appealing and there are some movies which will give you goosebumps by their ghoulish actions and you will be scared to head to washroom alone at night. Here are some movies with awesome scary content which you would love to watch and be satisfied with the way they make your hair stand and your feet shake with fear. You can enjoy watching the following list with Showbox Free Movies and spend scary time together.

  1. Get out

This movie has no ghosts, rather the actions of humans will make adrenaline shoot up to your brain and you will be scared to hell. This film deals with brain manipulation techniques and is the story of a black man who is also the protagonist, a black man subjected to brain transplants,minds of whites implanted in bodies of blacks.An African American photographer Chris Washington is reluctantly out to meet his girlfriend’s parents who are white people and on the way hits a deer. Rose Armitage his darling, saves him and they reach her home where he notices weird behavior of black servants. To know what happened ahead watch the movie on Showbox.

  1. It

Adaptation ofone of Stephen King’s best horror novels, It is the story of how death may distort our thinking capabilities. The movie revolves around the confrontation of personal fears and the acceptance of death. You get to learn a moral lesson that fears can be overcome by confronting them and their abolishment is necessary otherwise, it will engulf you in its dark alleys and you will be lost forever. In the movie the characters are haunted by a clown which is representation of negative energies and wakes once in 27 years. Throughout the movie the clown is referred as “It” and is object of fear for the characters and the story revolves how they kill it and return back to normal life.

  1. Gerald’s Game

This story is a unique blends of a girl’s struggle with sexual abuse and supernatural elements haunting and aiding her. “The moonlight man” is the perk of the story and scares Jessie, the protagonist, but later becomes the cause she finds her tormentor and gets rid of the scary memory of sexual abuse done by her father. Its memory haunts her continuously and at the end of the story she is finally relieved of her memory.

  1. Annabelle: Creation

The doll Annabelle has been in discussion since the Conjuring and this movie has brought forward the most awaited story. In the story, the demon is the villain which later possesses an orphan girl Janice who murders her adoptive parents with her boyfriend and joins a satanic cult.

  1. It Comes at Night

The movie is an emotional and psychological thriller, which makes the viewers receive goosebumps and leave them emotionally disturbed. The factor that viewers feel creepy at the end makes the movie accounted as horror. It’s about a disease which is killing people and is infectious and has lead the protagonists murder their father to save themselves.

The world of movies is fascinating and especially the horror genre is quite attractive. Have fun watching horror movies on Showbox and scare yourself to death but don’t die obviously.