Even when they have been designed to work for a very long time, fibre optic cables can still develop a number of problems that ensures that are no longer effective in delivering at optimum level. Several problems can be associated with fibre optic cables. I have compiled and explained a number of them to give you a heads up with solving some of these problems that are associated with fibre optic cables.


Lengthy Fibre Optic Cables


When buying fibre optic cables, you should first examine your needs. This is because optic fibres are designed in different lengths and sizes especially to fit different people’s needs. One problem is buying cables that are too long for what you need them to do. You can avoid this by properly examining your requirements, measuring the distance it would fit before taking order or making a purchase. When a cable, which is too long, is installed, it will become twisted in the process of installing it and will cause permanent physical damage to the optic fibre or its components. 


Installing Cables That Are Too Short


This emphasizes the reason you should be exact with your optic fibre requirements. When you buy cables that are too short, they are prone to stretching. Optic fibre cables are quite sensitive to changes in their physical structures and can be rendered useless when their components are unnecessarily stressed.   When installing fibre optic cables, ensure you have purchased the right fit. Then carefully install them without pulling the cable jackets. You can instead use grips at the connectors.


Exterior Damages


Carefully inspect your optic fibre cables at the point of delivery. Ensure that there are no obvious damages. Unlike several other cables, the performance of optic fibres cables can be disrupted by simple dents or abrasions. You should also be careful that you do not create these defects while examining the cables.  Request a replacement from your supplier whenever you notice any damages in the cables you have been supplied.

Incorrectly Installing Your Connectors

Due to seemingly little issues like improperly using the connectors, your cables might malfunction. Connectors enable transmission between separate cables by linking them. When these connectors are not use properly, such links might not work thus affecting the performance of the cables. The best thing to do is hire an experienced personnel to install your optic fibre cables for you. 


When The Cable Reach Maturity

Optic fibre cables reach their maturity period and as they gradually approach the end of their cycle, they become less effective. You will already notice a steady drop in the performance of these cables overtime. For you to enjoy a great output again, you will need to replace these cables.

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